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Roadblock to Blogging

I sell my jewelry through the internet and in galleries, but my very favorite venue are the several Art & Craft shows I do each year. My show “season” runs from May until December. They are a great marketing tool, as they direct customers to future shows and to my website. But, the main reason I love them is the interaction with people. I get to see long time customers and make new ones. Customers have the opportunity to handle and try on pieces of jewelry. Whenever possible, I explain the process and materials that went into the creation of the piece. Typically when show season ends, I go into “catch-your-breath” mode. This is my time to make more jewelry pieces, tend to websites and complete to paperwork. This year, I also plannned to start and develope a blog.

My last show was December 15, a particularly busy one. The plan was to get up the next morning and get to work. However, the next morning when I woke up, I could not walk! I have never experienced the amount of pain I was experiencing. A week later, one ER visit, one dr visit, I still had no answers. The final diagnoses was a Staph infection of my knee, a serious condition. Surgery was Christmas Eve morning and four days later. A mystery; the doctors have absolutely no idea how this could have happened. Bottom line, I still can’t walk and only marginally with a walker.

The punch line is that my jewelry workshop is in the basement. Of course. I do not know when I will be able to reach my workshop. I’m going crazy, sitting here in a recliner. My life line to the outside world is my laptop. I want to blog, but I cannot access any of my recent work, creating something of a roadblock. Hope to be up and about soon.


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This blog has morphed into an observation and reflection of life as an artist. I am a Denver based metalsmith who works in a call center by day, sells jewelry by night, and fills the rest of the waking hours practicing parkour. I am the founder of Purple Poodle Designs and I am the events coordinator for the Colorado Metalsmithing Association.


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