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“Affair on the Square”…. “Affair to Remember”

Isn’t “An Affair to Remember” an old movie?

All in all it was a lovely day. Well, almost.

Affair in the Square was held at the lovely gazebo in downtown Medina. A walkway encircles it with numerous spokes leading off of it. The setting was lovely.

The vendors were lovely and, in general, the goods were of a high quality.

The crowds were lovely. And, most importantly, they were buying my jewelry. We were really having a good day and enjoying ourselves (I’ve used the word lovely way too much here).

It was an enjoyable show and I would definitely do it again. We were having a great day. I sold several of my felt pieces, a smaller collection, which I love, love to make. More on felting to come.

Felted Blue Brimmed Hat
collar TAA

Sometimes I think I have bad karma or something.

Just when everything was going so well, the bottom fell out. I was standing, talking to a repeat customer when suddenly I felt extremely dizzy. I had to sit right away and my husband put a cold cloth on my forehead. A woman stopped by and suggested I put the cloth on my neck instead and then recommended I lie down for a few minutes. There was a bench behind us with 2 people sitting on it. She shooed them away so I could lie down. It seems she is a nurse; I really wish I knew her name so I could thank her. Next thing I knew, 2 EMTs appeared-still don’t know where they came from. I’m insisting I’m OK and want to go back to my booth until I try to sit up and everything is spinning. Long story short-my BP was 60/’just barely palpable’. That got my attention and I willing went to Medina Hospital. All is well now.


Back to Back! Oh My!

It seems I’ve gotten myself into a minor pickle.
In my younger years (ha), I often did several shows in a month. These days we’ve (my husband and I) have been doing only one a month.

Hopefully everyone knows I am doing the Warehouse District Show this Sunday. Imagine my surprise when I checked my schedule and there is another show the next Sunday (Aug. 10th). My first inclination is to bail. Every show I’ve done for the last few years were well known to me. I know EXACTLY NOTHING about this one and don’t quite remember applying to it. What if it is crummy? But, what if it is great?


“An Affair on the Square”
“It is in the “beautifully preserved historic downtown park of Medina”. There almost 150 vendors. Blues and jazz music will be playing.

OK, I’ll be there.

805 Woodhaven Lane
Medina, Oh

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