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What’s in a Name?



How to you give a name to your business?

A shop name may be the first thing a browsing customer sees at a show or on line and it could either inspire further investigation or a yawn. Your name has to provide a glimpse into your world. I’ve seen shop names that range from amazing and catchy to boring

At the beginning of my career, all of my jewelry was created from the beach glass I collected and so I came up with the clever name of “Barbara’s Beach Glass”. It certainly wasn’t unique, but there was never any confusion as to what I had to offer.


I settled on this name for a few reasons.

1. Driftwood Designs still describes my beach glass jewelry, but allows me to expand into other areas. My collections could still include all things “beachy”, but include newer collections of metalwork, PMC, enameling and fiber.

2. Driftwood Designs represents a personal connection as well. When I was young, we had a summer home on a lake. It was a manmade lake, created, unfortunately, by cutting massive numbers of mature trees. The ecological impact of that meant nothing to those involved decades ago.

The stumps of the trees floated in the lake and washed up onto the beach as driftwood. Each nigh my sisters and I gathered pieces of the driftwood for a campfire. Every morning, I searched the remains of the fire for charred sticks. I would go down to the beach, perch on a large rock and sketch the lake, trees, and mostly, I sketched the wonderful driftwood stumps. So, the carefree times of sketching driftwood with driftwood has always been one of my fondest memories of my youth.

I hope my shop name has a pleasant connotation; it does to me. More importantly, I hope that some of the jewelry itself, evokes images of summer beach walks.


Beach Glass Hearts

You already know that I live on Lake Erie and that collecting items from the beach is a favorite pastime . I collect driftwood, rocks, beach glass, pottery chips and other treasures (See Lake Erie in my back yard).
Over the years of collecting beach glass, I have seen all shapes and sizes. Probably the most unique shape I’ve seen is a heart. As I sort through my large collection of beach glass, I’m amazed by the number of hearts that I have.
I have used them for Valentine’s Day jewelry pieces, as well in other pieces. One of my favorite pieces ever is the cobalt blue heart I found that I bezeled onto a heart-shaped back. It has been sold, but I miss it. I miss it because I know a piece of beach glass of that shape and color will never come my way again.

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This blog has morphed into an observation and reflection of life as an artist. I am a Denver based metalsmith who works in a call center by day, sells jewelry by night, and fills the rest of the waking hours practicing parkour. I am the founder of Purple Poodle Designs and I am the events coordinator for the Colorado Metalsmithing Association.


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