Color My Face Red

Time does funny things to our memories.

In my recent blog, Fall is a Perfect Time for a Show-and Rings, I talked about a woman who enjoyed and bought a number of my rings. As my memory played tricks, I called her ‘the middle-aged woman’. I would like to offer my sincere apology. I met her on Friday and her name is Deby. She is young, charming and just the sort of person I would choose to spend time.

I think we talked for about half an hour. Deby is a jeweler herself and we may be getting together to work on some pieces.

Again, Deby, I’m sorry for the ‘middle-aged woman’ comment. It couldn’t be further from the truth.


About gormanbs

I am the master of many things, but most likely fall short in most of them. I am a dietitian, scientist, artist, dog rescuer, knitter ,gardener, wife, sister and my proudest accomplishment, the mother to two amazing daughters. My jewelry generally has a simple, zen-like feel, often incorporating bits and pieces gathered from the beach where I live. Please come to browse my website. I hope you like what you see. View all posts by gormanbs

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